Bunyip Hollow … for the epicurious

Pictorial brochure of our delicious pork

Epicurious – a person who lives life in the constant pursuit of great food, drink and open-minded adventure. (urbandictionary.com, 2014)

Bunyip Hollow is the realisation of a passion in food for us. Our farm is close to the heart of Wodonga in the fabulous North East Victoria food and wine district, and our speciality is seriously significant food. We describe our work as ‘Experimental Gourmet Agriculture’ and seek to grow foods we love and cannot easily access.

We are trying really hard to produce the most exciting, unusual and hopefully the finest produce we can.

The Bunyip Hollow Philosophy

  • To make and sell the wines and food we ourselves love to enjoy.
  • To work with nature. We do not use any chemicals or additives anywhere on the property. We maintain an organic principal in all we do.
  • To share our passion and our enjoyment. We love to include others in our vision.
  • To do what we do small but great. We are not nor will ever be a big producer of anything. Everything is strictly limited, hand-crafted, organic in principal, unique, seasonal and very special.
  • To keep learning and improving

Bunyip Hollow is an organic farm featuring rare and unique animals and plants, including Australia’s largest bush produce garden.

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We are also lucky to have a pristine billabong and a recovering lagoon area. We are doing conservation work on both, and have rare and endangered birds and animals breeding there. We consider ourselves lucky to be the caretakers of this land, and it is a joy to see it recovering and flourishing.

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