What we Farm

Our pork is from heritage breed large black, berkshire and saddleback cross, hand reared on our farm.
RSPCA Choose Wisely initiative

Buy pork or mutton from us, and you can join the RSPCA 'choose wisely' initiative, letting your loyal customers and future customers know you are part of ethical eating.

We think our pork is the best in Australia. We know that's a big claim! Here's what makes it so special and unique:
  • Heritage Breed - our pigs  are from 3 Heritage pig breeds, combining famed rare Large Black, Wessex Saddleback and Berkshire.
  • 100% organic pig farm - only one of a handful in Australia. Our boar (Bono) and sows (Ebony and Princess) are organically raised
  • Freedom - large areas to roam and play naturally and be healthy out in the open - lots of pasture, greens and mud too.
  • Happy - Hand raised, natural stress free life  from birth up until their last moments (we are even there helping during birth), lots of scratches and love
  • No mutilations - we do not clip tails, ears, tusks, no nose rings etc
  • Tiny production - to maintain the highest standard, and keep our sows healthy and happy, they are bred only once per year
  • Best feed - human grade organic food only, most grown on site, no scraps or food we wouldn't eat ourselves
  • Clean, high fibre diet - no 'boar taint' or 'porky stink'
  • Secret recipe diet - you are what you eat, and this goes for pork too. A hand selected diet ensures health and optimum flavour
  • Learn from the best - following the traditions of the World's finest pork producers (Iberico Spain, Corsica and Parma) with our own Aussie twist.
  • No waste fillers - We don't feed the standard soy, corn, or cotton trash, rye, fish meal or meat meal waste
  • Unadulterated pork - the final product does not have water pumped in to add weight and plumpness like in much standard pork

Our pigs daily banquet

Some parts of our pigs diet will remain secret, however we can tell you it includes:
  • Organic Chestnuts and acorns - which add a nutty flavour
  • Organic milk - gives a lactic milky sweetness
  • Organic Grain 1 - helps firm the fat and adds sweetness
  • Organic Grain 2 - deepens the flavour
  • Organic Grain 3 - provides energy and protein
  • Organic Fruit 1 - improves the mouth-feel and butteriness of the fat
  • Organic Fruit 2 and 3 - gives a lovely fruity flavour to the meat
  • Organic Fruit 4 and Veg 1 - helps stop 'boar taint' (which can affect sows too) giving a clean taste
  • Organic Seaweed extract, Bio-char, Minerals - for good health
  • A wide variety of other organic grasses and vegetables as well
This is based on average types of pork production, some producers may go above and beyond.
Bunyip Hollow Organic Free Range Conventional
Breed of Pigs
Heritage Rare Breeds
Access to potable Water
Organic Pesticide-Free Feed
Hormone Free
No antibiotics
No Cotton Trash
Natural Vitamins and Minerals
Chestnut Fed
Acorn Fed      
Milk Fed      
Fruit Fed      
Whole Grains      
Special diet to reduce boar taint      
No Soy By-products      
No Corn By-products      
No Meat Meal (Processed abattoir waste)      
No Fish Meal (Processed fishery waste)      
Majority of food grown on site      
Environment and housing        
Free to range in the open  
Able to exhibit natural pig behaviours  
Access to greens  
Sow stall free
Stimulation (toys, foraging , and wallows)
Rotation on paddocks
Insulated housing
Health and Wellbeing
No ear trimming
No tail docking or trimming
No teeth clipping
No prods, dogs, shockers or stressing transport
No nose rings
Only Bred once per year
All animals raised organically (including sows and boar)
No castrations
Piglets naturally weaned by sows
Our mutton is from the Australian breed Harlequin Mini-meat Sheep.

Organic Produce

Our farmhouse direct store is now open!

We have a range of rare and unusual organic native and international herbs, vegetables and produce that make for an excellent addition to your kitchen.

Native produce, are the fantastic fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices native to Australia. More than ‘bush tucker’ this exciting produce offers a truly Australian alternative or addition to more commonly known produce. We are passionate about these flavours, textures and what you can do with them in meals, and we grow the plants that are not just ‘survival’ food, but fantastic produce in their own right, and we think more Australians should use them.

Our produce is available on farmhouse direct and is very seasonal.

Click on the produce name to see more information about it.

In Season Now

Aniseed Myrtle
Aniseed Myrtle is a delicious and pungent herb.
Epizote is a delicious and pungent herb.
French Sorrel
French Sorrel is delicious.
Native Basil
Native Basil is a delicious and pungent herb.
Native Celery
Native Celery is delicious.
Native Ginger
Native Ginger is a delicious and pungent herb.
Native Lemongrass
Native Lemongrass is delicious.
Native Nettles
Native Nettles are a delicious and pungent herb.
Native Parsley
Native Parsley is a delicious and pungent herb.
Native Pigface
Native Pigface is a delicious and pungent herb.
Native Plantain
Native Plaintain is a delicious and pungent herb.
Native Purselane
Native Purselane is a delicious and pungent herb.
Rosemary is a delicious and pungent herb.
Saltbush is a delicious and pungent herb.
Warragul Greens
Warragul Greens are a delicious and pungent herb.
Wild Rocket
Our Wild Rocket is spicy and delicious.

Coming Soon


Not in Season or Sold Out

Heirloom Beetroot
Heirloom Beetroot is delicious.
Lemon Thyme
Lemon Thyme is delicious.
Pepper Leaf
Pepper Leaf is delicious.
Pineapple Sage Flowers
Pineapple Sage Flowers are a delicious and pungent herb.
Purple Sage
Purple Sage is delicious.
Our wines aren't yet ready for sale, but join our mailing list and you will know when they are!

Today, Wodonga isn't the first place that comes to mind when thinking about wine.

Although North East Victoria is famous for it's premium wine regions (Alpine Valleys, Beechworth, Glenrowan, King Valley, Milawa and Rutherglen), Wodonga itself has been lacking a vineyard and winery for nearly a century.

Yes, a hundred years ago Wodonga was a premium wine producing region of much renown, that produced 'lighter more elegant wines' than nearby Rutherglen, and more depth of flavour than some of the much colder regions.

Nestled in the foothills of the Australian Alps, our unique location enjoys warm to hot summers, mild autumns with cold nights, and cold winters. This allows for full ripeness of flavours, whilst maintaining acid and elegance. Our wines are neither flabby or thin.

Good things come in small packages

You have heard of micro-breweries, well we truly are a micro-winery. The focus is on quality not quantity. Our size allows us to create the sort of wines we love to drink.

We aren't shackled to market treads, our taste-buds dictate our wine making decisions. This means we can experiment with grape varieties and wine styles that just would not be economical  for other more commercially focused operations.

It also means that we can focus on quality, quality, quality; spending money doing things in the name of good taste rather than 'Bank Manager's' wines.

Production will be strictly limited. With only 2 acres under vine, most wines will only be in 1 Barrel lots! That's around 300 bottles each.

The first unusual thing you will notice at Bunyip Hollow vineyard is that the vines look really different, more like standard roses than long lines of grapes tied to fence like wires. That's because we have revived a old technique long used in France - Hautins or high training.

This minimises the risk of frost damage and makes the job of hand pruning and picking much easier. Each vine stands on it's own. Our vines are precious and each is treated with individual care, no machines used here!

You will also find some really unusual names on the wines; Aglianico, Barroque, Greco, Torrontes, Malvasia, Nosiolo, and Orange Muscat. No Shiraz, or Sav to be found. We have good reasons for that.

Firstly we have planted the varieties we love, but are really hard to find. In fact several of them we are the only producers of in Australia, others we are one of but a handful.

Secondly they have been chosen to suit our unique terroir.

Thirdly we want to help preserve and promote rare varieties that are interesting but relatively unknown (in Australia).

Finally we think 'why bother growing the things that others grow and grow well'.

Wine making is something that Cyan made a name for himself in W.A. in the 90's wining over 40 various awards and trophies both nationally and internationally. Coming from a highly regarded wine making family. He helped pioneer new varieties such as Viognier and new wine regions there.

As a passionate wine writer and lecture on alternative wine grape varieties he knows 'the unusual'. At Bunyip Hollow he is taking his craft even further, reviving old artisan wine making techniques such as underground fermentation, 'orange wines' and long long extended maceration.

The focus is on complexity, richness, character and that something a bit different. We don't make simple lollipop wines.

So the vineyard is located in a unique spot. The vines are grown using old training methods. The grape varieties are rare and unusual. And the wine making is far from common place. - These are the wine we love, and are happy to share with a small number of people who have the same drive, passion and perhaps quirkiness as we do.

Truly wines for the epicurious

What types of grapes are we growing?

Here is some more information on the unusual and exciting grape varieties we have chosen for our wines, where they come from, how long they have been around and more.

Aglianico Aglianico-origin

This is a black grape grown in the southern regions of Italy, mostly Basilicata and Campania . The vine originated in Greece and was brought to the south of Italy by Greek settlers. In ancient Rome, the grape was the principal component of the world's earliest first-growth wine, Falernian. It thrives in predominantly sunny climates.

Wines produced from Aglianico tend to be full-bodied with firm tannins and high acidity, endowing them with good aging potential. The rich flavors of the wine make it appropriate for pairing with rich meats such as lamb. The trademark coloring of the wine is a deep garnet.

Baroque Barroque-origin

This is a white grape grown today mostly in Landes department, in the wine region of Tursan in South West France . The vines origins are not clear, it was once grown throughout South West France, and nearly became extinct during the 1980's except for the efforts of chef Michel Guérard of Tursan. It is almost exclusive to Tursan, and Bunyip Hollow will be one of a few producers in the world outside that region.

Wines produced from Barroque are full-bodied with noticeable alcohol levels and weight. Often wines have a floral or nutty flavor, and are fresh, but otherwise it shares similar aroma characteristics as Sauvignon blanc.

Baroque Greco-origin

This is a white grape grown today  in Coscenza and Rogliano in Southern Italy . It was likely introduced by Greeks in the Seventh Century BC and is considered to have been a blending component of Roman 'cult' wines.

After World War II, the fate of Greco as well as that of many southern Italian grape varieties were in peril. Bunyip Hollow will be one of a few producers in the world outside that region.

Wines produced from Greco have a deep colour, have a rich aromatic quality similar to Viognier wine. Some characteristics include peach-like aromas and fresh green foliage or lemon, whilst older wines have herbal fragrances.

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