Our farm produce is unique and exciting organic and ethical delicious and gourmet


Bunyip Hollow is our passion for good food, ethical, organic and sustainable farming, and of course great taste!

We describe what we do as ‘experimental gourmet agriculture’ growing the foods we love.

Our Philosophy

  • Produce food we love to enjoy.
  • Work with nature, no chemicals and follow organic principals
  • Share our passion and our enjoyment. We love to include others
  • Keep it small but great. We don’t ever want to be a big producer.
  • Everything is limited, hand-crafted, unique, seasonal and very special.
  • Keep learning and improving

We are lucky to have a pristine billabong and a recovering lagoon area. We are doing conservation work on both, and have rare and endangered birds and animals breeding there.

We consider ourselves the caretakers of this land, and it is a joy to see it recovering and flourishing.


a person who lives life in the constant pursuit of great food, drink and open-minded adventure.

Cyan and Roger the harlequin mini-meat sheep ram

Pile of piglets cuddling in the leaves

Our guardian maremma dog family in the shade

Tina the calf meets piglets